A Voice of the Customer Solution for Improving Customer Experience

Manage and analyze customer feedback comments from social media, online reviews, surveys, support emails and more in one solution.

Collect, Manage and Analyze Customer Comments from Any Source

Tatvam helps you listen to your customers better. By consolidating feedback and commentary from across your survey efforts, social media, review sites, and support channels into a single environment you can spend less time trying to keep up with everything and more time identifying insights you can use to make your customer experience better.

Featuring cutting edge technology like Natural Language Processing, AI, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis and Rich Data Visualizations, Tatvam creates an extremely simple and user friendly way to minimize the time you spend reading comments, and maximize the time you spend taking action.

Respond Faster

Through real-time feeds, custom alerts and in-app responding across all your customer comment touchpoints, your staff will never miss out on responding to an important message from a customer.

Identify Insights

With technologies like AI, NL, NLP, and Sentiment Analysis, Tatvam gives you all the tools you need to get high-value actionable insights from your customer comment data.

Measure Results

Nothing is real unless it can be measured. Tatvam makes it easy to track your ratings across multiple channels, compare performance across time periods, benchmark against competition and share results across the company.

Increase Revenue

Improve SEO rankings, reduce customer churn, and turn your customers into promoters. Tatvam delivers a simple way to create a data-driven process for improving your customer experience and increasing your revenue.

Our Platform

airline passenger experience

Advanced Technology Made Simple to Use

Tatvam was built using advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, NLP to help make the process of dealing with text-based comments faster and easier for users of any skill level.

Our highly advanced, but extremely user-friendly platform requires no coding or programming knowledge at all. Our customers enjoy AI-powered insights to consistently improve their customer experience all at the simple click of a button.

Experience The Fastest Way to Analyze Your Customer Feedback
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Industry Specific Solutions by Tatvam

airline passenger experience


Capture and understand passenger sentiments easily and improve their experience.

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customer feedback analysis


Increase Attraction Revenue by analyzing guests’ sentiment. Use their feedback more smartly.

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Digital Media Experience

Digital Media

Make community management easy and improve productivity. Have a better analysis of the gamer experience.

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