How to get 5-star ratings for your business

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Online reviews have the power to make or break a business. It plays a significant role in influencing a customer’s purchase decision. We no longer base our opinions of a product on word of mouth.

Everything is about customer experience nowadays, and every business must pay heed to customer experience management to be able to thrive in this virtual marketplace.

As per our survey, more than 95% of purchases are done after reading online reviews, and more than 80% of the buying decisions are based on how many positive ratings that business has got.

An increase of a star in your online business review can increase your business revenue by around 7%-9%. Such is the power of an excellent customer experience review.

But how do you achieve that How do we make sure that all our customers like our business and in turn, influence others through positive 5-star reviews Don’t worry; our team at Tatvam has your back. Here are some fool-proof tips from our experts that can help you with customer experience management for your business.

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Tips to Manage your Online Business Reviews Like a Pro

Your product doesn’t become the best unless your customer reviews it as such. For this to happen, you need to invest time and money in customer feedback analysis and online review analysis.

Here are a few expert tips from our marketing experts at Tatvam to help youunderstand what your customer expects out of your business:

1. Ask for Feedback Wherever Possible

After every business transaction make sure you get your customer to review you. You have to follow up with them online or reach out to them to understand what they think about your product.

By asking for feedback, you are negating any chance of an unhappy customer posting a negative review on a public forum. The feedback would be shared in a more controlled environment giving you an opportunity to address any issues.

If things go well, you may just have earned a happy customer who would be glad to give you a 5-star review for listening and acting upon the feedback given.

2. Leave Space for Online Reviews

Your customer is going to have an opinion about your business, and you should know about it. Give some space on your page for customer experience and make sure you respond to every review posted on that space.

A personal message builds trust and helps you in understanding your customers more effectively. Respond to negative reviews and apologize for any inconvenience. It shows that you care about their opinion and value their feedback.

According to a study, responding to your negative reviews ups your chances of getting a better rating. Once the issue gets resolved, get them to review again. There is a higher possibility that the once unhappy customer would leave an excellent rating or a positive online review for your business.

3. List your Site on Popular Review Listing Sites

Get your business listed on popular listing sites like Facebook, Google, Asklaila, Justdial, Indiamart, etc. Keep a check on all the review postings, and encourage your customers to spread a positive word about your business.

Share all your positive customer experiences online with the right hashtags to reach a wider audience. Instead of focusing only on one review site, try getting regular online reviews on various popular listing sites.

Every time you get positive feedback, ask your customers to leave a comment or rating in one of the review listing sites you are active on.

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An Afterthought

A 5-star review is every business’s dream and what you must strive for. But we, at Tatvam, believe that the real cash cows are the customer experiences with 4-star and 3-star reviews. They give you scope for change, and while they are closer to an excellent review, they provide a more realistic insight to your product.

Having a business model that is open to feedback and change is the only means of earning a good online review and being the most coveted business in the virtual marketplace.

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