About Tatvam

About Tatvam

Any company that puts a focus on the customer experience and measures the voice of the customer will see an incredible value from utilizing Tatvam for Customer Feedback Analysis. Tatvam enables you to aggregate your social media mentions, online reviews, survey responses, email support logs, and more! Drill down into comments mentioning specific topics, track and measure your success through in-depth graphs and visualizations, and calculate the overall customer sentiment.


Tatvam gives you real, actionable measurements in to your customer experience. Measure how you have improved or slipped over time with customer feedback and overall visitor sentiment.

Actionable Insights

Analyze all the review and survey content that has been written about your organization at a topical, keyword level. This will give you the data support you need to prove certain changes need to be made, by showing actual customer feedback in easy to understand graphs!

Visitor Impression

See how many mentions any single specific topic received and correlate those with industry industry benchmarks like Trip Advisor Percent Excellence Scores.

SEO Best Practices

Tatvam can show you keywords and phrases that are being talked about that you may not be aware of. Use this content as keywords for your SEO planning and improve your online advertising and marketing.


Reviews Processed


Surveys Analyzed


Data Sources Accessed


Satisfied Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

Tatvam provides detailed information about how your customers feel about their experience with your company.By providing these insights, you can make better decisions to improve customer satisfaction, which in turn is proven to increase customer retention and revenue. One study that examines the relationship can be found here: https://www.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/experience-cloud/research/roi/pdfs/business-impact-of-cx.pdf

Tatvam is much more than a typical reputation management platform. We work with each company to identify business specific attributes that we then track across all customer feedback touchpoints. This includes online reviews, social media, internal customer surveys, or any other qualitative customer comments you are receiving. Tatvam then uses AI to transform all this data into actionable insights that you can use to recognize clear trends and patterns and make data-driven decisions to improve the customer experience.
To understand how Tatvam may be different than a specific provider, please contact us at sales@tatvamanalytics.com

Tatvam has direct integrations and connections with many of the top online review and social media platforms. We also work directly with your company to collect data from any survey platform or other service you may be using to collect qualitative feedback comments from your customers. To find out if Tatvam will work with a specific data source, please contact us at sales@tatvamanalytics.com

Tatvam offers many reports and reporting capabilities to our customers.All our customers will instantly be able to read and examine all qualitative customer feedback comments across any connected online review sites, social media platforms or internal customer feedback data sources within the application. All the Tatvam reports are meant to help you identify trends and patterns in the customer voice, as well as understand the customer sentiment across each of the specific aspects of your customer experience.
To see more information on the kinds of reports Tatvam offers, reach out to us at sales@tatvamanalytics.com

Tatvam does allow you to see benchmark information across competition within the application. For this Tatvam leverages public information that is accessible online and shows comparative metrics and reports within the application for our customers.

The Tatvam Rating is a proprietary sentiment rating that is determined through the use of multiple AI and sentiment analysis algorithms and then manually crosschecked by a verification team in our office.

A sentiment rating is a score that demonstrates how a person feels about a topic they are writing about. In Tatvam, the Tatvam Rating is an advanced sentiment rating that is based on a 5-point scale. When a score is a 1/5 then the sentiment is negative, and a 5/5 means the sentiment is positive.

Yes. All Tatvam licenses include an unlimited number of user accounts.

Tatvam has a high direct value impact to marketing, communications, customer experience, guest services, or any team that is responsible for managing customer feedback for an organization.
However, Tatvam is also highly beneficial for all other departments in the organization. Because Tatvam can identify whenever customers are speaking about anything in the organization, each department can gain instant access to the opinion of the customer on the topic that they are in charge of.

The Tatvam license includes unlimited access to the platform for anyone in the company. Included in this, we offer customer support services, and application training as needed.
Additional custom work like custom reports or integration work is available for additional costs.

Tatvam is priced on an annual subscription basis and pricing is determined based on the volume of comments and sources being processed and included in the solution. To get an accurate quote for your business, please reach out to us at sales@tatvamanalytics.com

Yes. Tatvam allows you to respond directly to any data source that we have API access to through your company.

Yes. Tatvam has a very robust email subscription function, which allows you to automatically send reports based on source, topic or more directly to anyone in your company.