Passenger Experience Analytics

Tatvam helps airports consolidate passenger comments across social media, review sites, survey responses and more to identify insights into the passenger experience and increase nonaeronautical revenue.

With functionality like, AI generated insights, real-time keyword alerts, and passenger sentiment monitoring, airports can ensure they are constantly working to improve the passenger experience.

A Voice of the Customer Solution for Measuring Passenger Experience and Increasing Non-Aeronautical Revenue

Tatvam provides unparalleled access and insight into how passengers feel about their experience. By leveraging technologies like AI, ML, NLP and Sentiment Analysis, Tatvam helps airport staff save countless hours and helps them focus on identifying actions they can use to constantly improve the passenger experience.

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How Tatvam Helps Improve Passenger Experience


Increase Customer Engagement

Manage all your passenger comments across social media, review sites, survey responses and support requests in a single feed, set up alerts, respond to questions and issues and ensure top level engagement across all your passenger channels.


Identify Actionable Insights

Tag every mention of every aspect of your airport. Through our unique classification system, you can instantly access any comments that mention anything specific about your airport at the click of a button and see how passengers feel about it. This helps you see exactly what topics are mentioned most, which are most positive and most negative, and where you should be focusing your efforts to improve your passenger experience.


Improve Collaboration

Tatvam makes customer comments accessible to everyone in the company. With unlimited user access, and simple to use dashboards and features, everyone in the company can easily look up what is relevant to them, and even set up automatic reports to be sent to them every morning.


Measure Trends Over Time

As you take actions on the data, our solution continues to collect and measure trends in the data. Easily look up and see how your changes have impacted your performance and the experience for your passengers.

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Success Story of Our Clients

We worked with Tatvam to transform the way we collect and evaluate the online voice of the customer within the digital marketplace. As a result, our executive team and partners are now able to make informed decisions based on real-time data and correlate revenues with customer satisfaction.

Steve Mayers ,Airport Director, Customer Experience, ADA and Title VI Coordinator

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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