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Should You Delete Customers’ Negative Comments on Social Media?

When starting a digital brand, unsatisfied customers who leave negative comments about your brand is no surprise. The first instinct when you see a negative comment is to protect your brand by deleting the feedback. Deleting is not usually the wisest choice, but the possibility of damage to online...

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Methods of Gathering Customer Feedback

Customers are the core focus of the business. They are the reason companies spend a substantial amount of time trying to understand their needs and how to fulfill them. Customer feedback tools play a significant role in identifying customer needs. They are the insights that indicate how a customer...

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Reopening Guide for Tracking The Trends of Customer Sentiment

Several states have been lifting the stay-at-home orders and reopening for non-essential businesses in the past few weeks. In some states, things have developed further, and customers can visit tourist attractions, take local flights, or even eat in restaurants. But, despite the lifting of restrictions, customers are still not...

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Player-Driven Video Game Development

How Video Game Publishers can Leverage Voice of the Customer Technology to Improve Issue Tracking and Enhance DLC Feature Prioritization The video game market is currently at an historic high and is continuing to grow exponentially. Furthermore, according to and Capcom; International, the DLC (Downloadable Content) market has...

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Post Covid-19: Effective Solutions For Improving Airport’s Passenger Experience

  • June 26, 2020
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  • 6 min read

COVID-19 has disrupted no sector more than travel, tourism, and entertainment. Airport operations have shut down, which has had a tremendous impact on the number of passengers visiting airports and revenue growth. According to a report released on 15th June 2020, passenger numbers have declined by 62.6 percent since...

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Stuck at Home? Now is the Time to Plan!

Sooner or later the COVID-19 crisis will end, and we will be entering a new normal. When this happens, and your guests come back; they are going to be expecting a stellar guest experience. While you’re waiting, we’ve come up with a few things you can do now to...

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Handle Negative Reviews and Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation

The modern business world thrives on marketing and reviews. While online marketing serves as a base for growing reputation and enhancing presence, online reviews are equally important in showcasing the quality of services, brand loyalty and overall sentiment. Every business, no matter the industry, considers reputation and goodwill as...

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The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management 2020

ORM or online reputation management is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and online branding. It ensures that your brand has a great reputation among customers, and improves the chance for future sales. ORM helps you locate negative reviews and comments on the internet and various...

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Use Voice of the Customer to Identify Negative Sentiment and Improve Passenger Experience

  • March 19, 2020
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Airport Passenger Experience Flight has emerged as one of the most advanced technological breakthroughs in history. Global tourism has risen immensely, and companies consider it advantageous to conduct business overseas. However, the modern way of doing things can sometimes be overwhelming and cause inconvenience to passengers. Check Out Case...