Customer Feedback Analysis Now at Your Fingertips

Tatvam uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis to take multi-channel customer feedback data and turn it into actionable insights to help you improve customer experience. 



Per location

  • Online Review / Social Mention Management
  • Mobile APP Access
  • Basic Reports and Dashboards
  • Email Subscription


Per location

All Features of Basic, plus:

  • Rule Based Alerts
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Industry Common Classifier Tagging
  • More Reports and Dashboards
  • Tracking of One Local Competitor
  • Survey Comment Integration
  • Up to 10000 Comments Processed / Year


All Features of Basic and Essentials, plus:

  • Custom Classifier Tagging
  • Tracking of Three Local Competitors
  • Annual Insights Report
  • Tenant Property Tracking
  • Unlimited Comments Processed

What Our Clients Say

How can Tatvam Help Scale Your Business?

Tatvam presents you with a clear picture of your customers’ sentiment. By helping you identify the key strengths and areas of improvement, you can take clear and actionable steps to improve customer experience.