Community Management Tools to Help the Video Game Industry

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The gaming industry is an ever-growing community. It’s composed of online members that come together to exchange ideas about the games they love. Most gaming communities start small and have just a few members who create a forum. But over time, the word spreads across the internet, and they grow in numbers to form a substantial online community.

But there is always a challenge. As the number of community members grows, you must place more emphasis on managing the groups. More people means a massive increase in feedback and suggestions and a need to have a community manager address their needs. A community manager acts as a link between the development team and the community.

For better efficiency, the video game industry can use a community management tool to track online communities. Community management software helps businesses analyze, interpret, and respond to player feedback. Through community management software, companies can track customer sentiments and respond to negative comments in real time.

But first, you must convince every team member that a community management tool is what they need. It is a complicated process. One that requires you to show how the software attracts more attention, builds trust, and increase opportunities. The best approach is to show them the importance of a community manager and how they help grow the video game industry.

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Who is a Community Manager?

A community manager is a middleman between the video game development team and the community. They play the role of managing the community management tools and sharing information with the development team.

Community managers are so important that we associate every benefit of a community management tool to them.

So, how will community management software help community managers?

Test before Launch

The biggest mistake you can make before launching a game is not letting people know about it. When we talk about players, we refer to an online community that will test your video game before you launch. Online community groups play a role in letting you know what’s working and what’s not in your new game.

The work of the community manager is to share a preview of the new game and use a reliable community management tool like Tatvam to analyze reviews. A sentiment analysis tool will analyze each comment to ensure the manager does not miss out on important information.

What’s even better is that the tool can collect data for big and small video game businesses. From the results, the community manager gains insights on changes to make before the official launch.

Increase in Sales

Before making a purchasing decision, players go online to check for reviews. They’ll research to see what people are saying about your games and whether your brand offers reliable services.

If you are part of an online community, then the group’s conversations will showcase you as a trusted brand. A community management software helps in internet marketing because community conversations help attract more visitors, promote the product, and increase sales.

Cost-effective Marketing Campaign

It is the wish of most businesses to have more positive feedback on their channels. This may not always be the case, but companies with community management software can ensure satisfactory customer service by tracking sentiments.

If you offer exceptional player experiences you are assured of a cost-effective marketing strategy through referrals. A satisfied player will not hesitate to tell a family or friend about your video games – for free.

Gather Feedback from Different Platforms

Community management software enables developers to find game users on different platforms and listen to what they are saying. Using sentiment analysis tools, the video game industry can collect, analyze, and respond to comments in real-time.

A community manager can use the information collected to offer customer support and ensure that any public crisis is well-managed. A useful customer feedback analysis tool can leverage customer experience and improve brand visibility.

Improve Brand Reputation

By understanding the importance of community management tools, a community manager can set goals and improve brand reputation. It is common to find players who are unhappy with your brand and those who leave negative reviews on your channels. The business can avoid a negative reputation by analyzing customer sentiments and optimizing customer experiences.

A sentiment analysis tool helps you capture feedback in good time and enables you to respond quickly before issues get out of hand. This will help your business manage the crisis and save the brands’ reputation.


Community management is no simple feat. It takes lots of effort and attention from the community manager to learn trends and manage player expectations. A community manager needs skills to maintain the community, but they also need the right tool like Tatvam to make work easy and improve productivity. If you are a community manager, you can check out Tatvam for a better analysis of gamer behavior.

Community Management Tools to Help the Video Game Industry


Key Takeaway:

Community management is no simple feat. It takes lots of effort and attention from the community manager to learn trends and manage player expectations. Community management is no simple feat. It takes lots of effort and attention from the community manager to learn trends and manage player expectations.