Community Management Revamped

Tracking comments about bugs and quality of life has never been easier!

We utilize automated reports, live feeds and alerts, dynamic graphs/charts, sentiment analysis, A.I. and machine learning to provide you with the latest in voice of the customer solutions.

A Voice of the Customer Solution that Shows the Trends You Want to See

By eliminating the amount of time community managers spend searching for, collecting, analyzing and reporting on community feedback, we save your team valuable time and money.

Clients We Have Helped

How Tatvam Helps to Improve Community Management


Manage Community Feedback

View feedback from every source in one environment. Easily see and share the most important trends.


Identify Actionable Insights

With Tatvam, you no longer have to spend hours or even days figuring out which bugs and/or quality of life updates your players are talking about the most.


Measure Trends Over Time

Quickly and easily track changes in sentiment based on gamer feedback and engagement.


Save Time and Money

We do the repetitive, painstaking work for you. By eliminating that work, you and your team are free to focus on improving your games and staying engaged with your communities. Better games and happier gamers = More Money!

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Success Story of Our Clients

By using Tatvam for the launch of Maneater, we were able to confirm the issues the community team was reporting back to the team and provide the volume in which they were occurring on a day to day level. We also were able to quickly show what Quality of Life improvements and content additions the players were asking for in the future with that same data confirmation. This allowed the stakeholders to feel more confident about the decisions they were making on the reports coming from the community team.

Jared Creasy

Community Manager Tripwire Interactive

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