Ensuring Safety: Tracking Important Topics, Acting Fast, and Measuring Results

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How top visitor attractions are using Tatvam during the COVID-19 pandemic to receive important alerts, measure guest sentiment and ensure a safe and enjoyable guest experience.

The Challenge of COVID-19

It’s no secret that this has been the toughest year on record for the global attractions industry.

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, attractions across the world were forced to close their doors during their most lucrative operating times. According to an IAAPA member survey, most companies are expecting a loss between 31% and 90% in 2020.

The loss of attendance and revenue has hit everyone extremely hard, leading to gut-wrenching sacrifices by each of these organizations to weather the storm. On average, attraction in North America, were forced to either terminate or furlough over 30% of their staff.

Now as many states are giving the go ahead for these attractions to re-open their doors, they are faced with a new landscape full of unprecedented challenges and customer expectations.

To succeed, attractions must now adhere to strict operating guidelines imposed by governing bodies, while simultaneously ensuring they are still able to offer a fun and memorable guest experience to guests.

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The Importance of Guest Feedback

Before the impact of COVID-19, online feedback was already at a critical point, with 93% of consumers saying that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions, and 91% of 18-34 year old’s trusting online reviews as much as personal connections.

Now more than ever, customers are going to be looking to their peers through online forums, reviews, and social media to decide whether it is safe for them to return to their local attractions.

During this time, it is absolutely critical that attractions communicate with their guests.

Guests that are the first to return, will likely be hyper-vigilant about ensuring they are keeping themselves safe while still having fun at the attraction. They will be posting to social media, writing reviews, and the result of that will determine if the referral will be positive or not for your business.

At Tatvam, we are seeing an exponential increase in customer comments across social media and online review platforms on the topics of COVID-19, Cleanliness, Face masks, and more.

However, it can be a challenge to meet these customer expectations, with a likely reduced staff, and a million other priorities on your plate.

Real-Life Applications

Attractions like the Shedd Aquarium are taking this time to be proactive with their reopening strategy and being smart with their resources.

They are leveraging Tatvam to actively monitor their guest feedback for mentions of sensitive topics like COVID-19, in order to accomplish two things:

1) Ensure they are reacting quickly to time-sensitive feedback

By leveraging Tatvam’s real-time custom topic alerts, staff at Shedd Aquarium are able to set and receive real-time email alerts when comments mentioning custom topics like COVID-19, facemasks, hand sanitizer or more are mentioned online.

These alerts enable staff to react quickly to any pressing customer needs and ensures that they are always keeping up with customer expectations.

2) Measuring the results of their reopening strategy

In addition, by using Tatvam to tag these custom topics related to their reopening they are also able to leverage Tatvam’s extremely accurate sentiment analysis to monitor and measure how guests are feeling about their cleanliness and reopening precautions over time.

This helps them assess the results of their actions systematically and decide where to focus their attention to continuously improve for their guests.

After four months of closure, Shedd Aquarium recently reopened with stringent measures in place to ensure that the guest experience is both engaging and safe. Guest feedback has never been more important. Tatvam flags our most time-sensitive guest feedback for immediate attention and helps us track the success of our reopening over time. said Heather McLaren, Director, Guest Relations at Shedd Aquarium.

About Tatvam

Tatvam Analytics is an innovative customer feedback analysis platform. It uses advanced machine learning and AI driven technology to help attractions make sense of their guest feedback. Thanks to this system, venues can view all the data in a single place, and enjoy in-depth graphs and visualizations. Being able to see all the relevant topics at a glance helps businesses to get a concise overview of their customers experience.

The Tatvam Analytics service allows its users to continuously measure and improve experiences for their guests.

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