Handle Negative Reviews and Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation

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The modern business world thrives on marketing and reviews. While online marketing serves as a base for growing reputation and enhancing presence, online reviews are equally important in showcasing the quality of services, brand loyalty and overall sentiment.

Every business, no matter the industry, considers reputation and goodwill as key factors to succeed and maintain sustainable growth. Customer reach and sentiment are greatly affected by the kind of reviews a company receives online.

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Why do you need ORM (online reputation management)?

One negative review on a popular website can be a potent form of negative marketing that can hurt the image, value and reputation of any brand. Building positive sentiment about a brand is an essential part of marketing.

Online reviews can drive a business to success or failure. It is necessary to build and maintain your brand’s reputation through effective online reputation management tools and techniques.

Online reviews are given by customers on many different platforms. With the overwhelming popularity of social media and improved platforms like Google, customer reviews have become more popular and visible in the online arena. Handling negative feedback on various platforms is an essential step in protecting and upholding brand image.

Listed below are a few tips and techniques that can be utilized to maintain brand image and online reputation.

1. Monitoring online presence

The online presence of a brand can be efficiently monitored and managed by using reputation management software. According to research, customer reviews can affect a brand’s sales and revenue directly; with a number as high as 46.1% of people between the ages of 18-60 looking at online reviews before deciding if a company is worth their time.

2. Turn a negative review into a positive opportunity

With proper strategies and techniques, a negative review can be effectively turned into an opportunity to provide better service. A negative review can reveal why the customer is unsatisfied and where the service needs to be improved. Responding with an assurance of better service in the future and handling such feedback with politeness can help reduce the impact of the review.

3. Use testimonials and reward loyal customers

Loyal customers that you have spent time investing in are more likely to help with promotion because of their consistent positive experiences with your brand. Ask for testimonials, look for good reviews, send out surveys, and more when looking for great content to show how customers feel about your company. And make sure to reward your most loyal customers with something as simple as coupons for signing up with a membership or even just a sincere thank you for their continued business.

4. Positive crisis management plan

A positive crisis management plan needs to be prepared to battle any issues that might hamper a brand’s reputation online. Unprecedented events and feedback can be countered through efficient marketing.

These are just a few of our tips for helping with ORM, but there is much more to consider when looking at how to handle your overall reputation. Voice of the customer tools like Tatvam can help with collecting, analyzing and showing a detailed picture of the customer voice. Tatvam makes it easier to see what your customers really think by collecting, analyzing and showing trends from every review your company receives. In order to properly manage your reputation, you have to know what your reputation is!

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