How to Better Understand Online Sentiment Analysis

How to Better Understand Online Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis for review channels

What is Online Sentiment Analysis?

Online sentiment analysis tells you how people feel about your brand online. Instead of counting the number of positive or negative ratings, comments or mentions, sentiment analysis tracks the feelings of users. It is a way of collecting and analyzing information on what people say brand! The ability to track most mentioned topics, negative sentiment about certain topics or even the number of mentions about a certain product or service are all very hard to discern without about your brand across different channels.

But why is this important?

Simply counting the number of comments you receive about your brand can only tell you a certain amount of information. One thing you will never get is what people are actually saying about your tracking sentiment.

Here are a few reasons your company should be conducting online sentiment analysis:

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1.Know who you serve

It is the job of many within a company to understand as much as possible about the customer. Entire initiatives are put in place to build customer personas to customize every experience. Before online sentiment analysis, this was a very long, tedious, and sometimes impossible task. Spending long days, week after week gathering information and hoping to find trends was the most popular method.

Those days are long gone!

Sentiment analysis allows for the most efficient tracking of specific topics among comments. The ability to understand what percentages of your customers are talking about the different topics pertaining to your brand is as easy as looking at one graph or chart. High-end sentiment analysis software can take any number of comments from any number of sources and bring them into one easy-to-use, simple to understand platform.

?2. Improve responsiveness

Social media analysis, combing through survey responses, tracking review sites, and more are examples of what is required to stay up to date with customer comments. Even if you manage to track every comment coming in, your team is spending hours every day trying to catch a few high-priority comments.

With online sentiment analysis tracking the language of every comment coming through every channel, automated systems can be put in place to alert your team of those high-priority comments within minutes of them being posted. This eliminates hours of unnecessary work and improves response time!

3. Marketing made easier

Marketing is heavily based off what your customers like or dislike. Teams spend countless hours and tons of money trying to understand what the most popular trends are among their customers. It usually requires multiple teams collaborating to get this information, and entire job descriptions are built around this concept.

Online sentiment analysis is here to save the day again!

With the ability to track sentiment at a topical level, all it takes is checking in on the data provided with quality sentiment analysis. Within moments any team can see what is trending among their customer base. Making decisions about what to market has never been easier.

4. Predicting Engagement

It?s always important to know how your customers respond to initiatives your company makes. Whether you just launched a new marketing campaign, put out a new product/service or just implemented a new engagement model, sentiment analysis can be used to predict how your customers feel.

Sentiment analysis is based on understanding language and how positive or negative it is in the context of the surrounding words. This means that tracking specific topics is integrated into the process. Whatever new initiatives your team implements can be tracked by name among comments. Following the data makes understanding trends and patterns simple and efficient.

What online sentiment analysis should you use?

There are many solutions available now that sentiment analysis is becoming so popular. Many of these solutions tend to focus on one area of what sentiment analysis can accomplish, but very few can give all the important features.

Solutions like Tatvam look at the whole picture of sentiment analysis and can provide users with the best experience possible when looking to better understand their customers, saving time and money, and capturing the most accurate data across many different sources.

Tatvam can:

  • Show you the best picture of your customers ? Tatvam?s accuracy in tracking sentiment is among the highest quality available. Tatvam utilizes A.I. and machine learning to get the best picture of sentiment among your customers.
  • Eliminate the need for tedious tasks ? with so much data becoming automated it allows for teams to focus on responding to the data instead of gathering and analyzing. The way Tatvam presents the data back to users makes everything so simple!
  • Pull from your most valuable sources ? most companies in need of sentiment analysis are hoping to gather data from a wide range of sources. Tatvam works hard to gather comments from social media sites, review sites, public sources, internal surveys and more!

With so many choices for online sentiment analysis it can be tricky to understand which solution is best. Do your research and look to understand exactly what your brand needs.

Right now, many companies are looking to become the ultimate sentiment analysis solution. Stay away from companies that only highlight one aspect of sentiment analysis. Always look for solutions that utilize A.I. and machine learning for accurate analysis. Also make sure the solution you choose offers live alerts, topical analysis, automated reports, inclusive analysis across many sources, and a dedicated team to support you as you implement the solution.

Don?t wait!

Online sentiment analysis is the latest and greatest way to track customer feelings towards your brand. Many companies are moving to solutions that utilize sentiment to help in understanding their customers. Even the simplest of sentiment solutions help to save time and money for companies that opt to use them. The better solutions can change the way entire teams function with the added value they provide.

If you?re looking to implement this new type of analysis then check out Tatvam ? a fully realized sentiment analysis solution with a great support team. Tatvam has helped some major clients like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport, Georgia Aquarium, TripWire Interactive and so many more.

Make the choice today to save time and money and improve the way you understand your customers!

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