How to Improve Guest Experience at Attractions

The current era is experiencing a boom in the travel industry, with a rising number of people preferring to invest their savings in traveling around locally or globally. Thus, increasing the demand for zoos, theme parks, gardens, museums, and other local attractions in a bid to attract tourism.

Although there are many marketing options to attract tourists and customers, the guest experience is the most crucial factor that helps attractions stay popular and get returning visitors.

What is Guest Experience

Guest experience is simply the interaction your business has with the customer and the impression it leaves in your customer’s mind. The Guest experience involves setting clear expectations regarding your offerings and attractions and ensuring the guests are happy with it.

Thanks to technology, attractions can clearly understand customer sentiments and guest experiences through social media, reviews, online feedback, and other customer satisfaction rating systems to analyze their current offerings and how they can improve guest experience.

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Why Guest experience is important

As the global tourism industry matures, guest experiences at attractions will play an important role as there is global and local competition to comprehend. 72% of customers are more likely to recommend your business to 6 or more people if their experience is a positive one. On the flip side, 13% of unhappy customers will share their negative experience with 15 or more people.

Attractions that can provide personalized customer experience and understand the pulse of the visitor experience stand to gain the most. Zoos, museums, theme parks, and other attractions need to adopt a more customer-centric approach, and there are many guest?experience management platforms to help them do this.

How Attractions can Improve Guest Experience

Guest experience can be understood through innumerable online and offline sentiment analysis tools. Attractions today are rated on both the services provided at the location and the engagement before and after the guest visit. It is vital to have an end-to-end reputation management software that can analyze visitor experience and provide detailed and precise insights of reviews through visitor management.

Tatvam’s voice of the customer tools can help attractions gain deeper insights into understanding guest experiences and managing their brand reputation through effective monitoring of reviews and feedback.

A customer satisfaction rating system has to analyze large amounts of data from many sources to provide a precise analysis, which is often overwhelming for businesses. Tatvam’s voice of customer analysis tools help make sense of the data and attain valuable insights by:

1. Perception Analysis Dashboard

Tatvam makes it easy for customers to check specific aspects of the guest experience by simplifying the ability to drill into comments on any topic. Further enabling businesses to gauge customer feedback and make sure they are creating the best experience for their visitors.

2. Classifier Dashboard Drilldown

Tatvam’s drill-down tool allows businesses to view the words and phrases mentioned the most and know exactly what the customers are talking about. The drill-down tool also provides various analytics through graphs, pie charts, etc., providing a holistic view of the ups and downs of your business.

3. Email Reports

Reports and analytics can be easily shared using Tatvam’s email report module. Businesses can regularly get email reports on reviews from online sources, most mentioned topics, and receive high-level executive insights to get the right information consistently. With this information easily attained and shared, businesses can prioritize customer-centric efforts and plan activities strategically.

How Tatvam has Helped Attractions Improve Guest Experience

Guest experience banks on customer feedback and word of mouth publicity to gain customer loyalty and brand worth.Here are two examples of how Tatvam?s reputation management software enhanced guest experience at an aquarium and family entertainment park:

Georgia Aquarium: With a massive influx of visitors regularly, the Georgia Aquarium has been a popular attraction. However, a large percentage of visitors started to show a decline in visitor satisfaction levels. Eventually this started to show a drop in the number of visitors and subsequently, revenue. Tatvam’s solution helped analyze the feedback from various sources like social media sites and online reviews. The consolidated view of the data showcased a problem surrounding the dolphin show, beluga whale, and other attractions, which helped the aquarium identify and mitigate the risks. Soon the ratings and guest experience improved, leading to an increase in overall attendance by 20%, which ultimately resulted in a 15% increase in overall revenue!

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HERSCHEND Family Entertainment: Tatvam Analytics uses advanced machine learning and AI-driven technology to help attractions make sense of their guest experiences. Herschend operates in multiple locations and required a system to roll out at every property to continuously optimize guest experience for every attraction to enhance guest experience. Using the solution, Herschend Family Entertainment addressed guest concerns more effectively via sentiment analysis and trend data. These immediate, deep and consistent insights into visitor experiences helped improve the overall guest experience across the entire company.

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Benefits of Improving Guest Experience at Attractions with Tatvam

Focusing on improving guest experience helps attractions not just gain happy customers but also increase revenue by increasing their customer base. Guest experience analysis can help in:

1. Customer Retention

Guests are more likely to visit attractions that made them happy and created a lasting memory. Visitors who had a great experience or got personalized customer experience are more likely to come back to the attraction or recommend your business to their connections.

2. Voice Of Customer?

The key to providing world-class customer experience is listening to the customers’ needs and expectations. Businesses that understand the voice of the customer can build trust and loyalty and improve the guest experience. Parks, public spaces, museums, zoos, and other attractions that are better at listening to their customers get more revenue and ratings.

3. Increase Guest Visits and Revenue

Good guest experience impresses the customers and ensures they keep coming back. This helps to increase revenue and also shows that acquiring new customers costs seven times more than maintaining an existing one. Therefore, investing in improving guest experience is not just great for your brand’s reputation, but it will also pay off by helping you see more positive results.

4. Saves Time and Money

Most businesses fail to gauge customer sentiments as they find the process of analyzing guest experience from multiple sources challenging and time-consuming. The lack of resources and time in terms of managing this complex and huge data set can be easily addressed using a good customer experience management platform.

5. Build an Online Reputation

Tatvam lets you stay in control of your brand’s online reputation through features like review alerts and feedback analysis. It notifies you when a customer leaves a review mentioning a specific sensitive topic, enabling you to settle issues quickly. Research indicates that 95% of people who had a bad experience are willing to give the brand another go if they know their issue has been dealt with correctly.

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