Passenger Experience: The Airport Customer Journey

Did you know the worldwide airport income has gone up by 5.8% with a growth of 6.4% in passenger traffic?

These numbers point towards a positive trend in the industry with regards to the growth in passenger numbers and the upsurge in businesses. So how can stakeholders increase non-aeronautical revenue and make the best of this rising tide?

We have two words for you – Customer or Passenger Experience.

What is Passenger Experience??

Airport Passenger Experience, or PAX, is defined by the interactions between the airlines and the passengers. This includes entire airport customer journey – right from booking tickets to baggage claims at the destination.

Unfortunately, the customer experience at airports has been generally viewed in the negative light due to various issues such as flight delays, overbooking of flights, security check wait times, and more.

Importance of Passenger Experience?

With passenger experience emerging as a hot topic it may make airports wonder whether it is worth their time, money, and efforts.

Here is how airport passenger experience can enhance and add value to your services:

  • Given the competition in the transport sector, passenger experience is what sets your product and services apart.
  • Better customer service translates to higher customer satisfaction and increased non-aeronautical revenue.
  • It makes the customer?s voice feel heard, which lays the foundation for a more customer-centric approach.
  • It gives insight into the passenger?s behavior and allows you to predict their future requirements.
  • Passenger experience establishes a seamless transition from one aspect of the airport customer journey to another. For example, the transition from check-in to security is linked together through airport customer experience.
  • Reinforces the attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs regarding your brand and puts it in a positive light.

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How Can Airport Passenger Experience be Improved??

At Tatvam, we believe that airport passenger experience can be improved when businesses get better at listening. Your customers are the best reflection of your brand value, perception, and services. We have developed the best-in-class voice of the customer solutions?that truly captures and makes the customer?s voice easy to hear. Remember, it is essential to value the customer?s opinion and adapt accordingly.

Rather than presenting all the vital information in a wall of data, Tatvam presents critical points in a visual format through bar graphs, pie charts, and more!

Our Email Reports are not only engaging, but they also capture all the relevant information from various sources. Increase non-aeronautical revenue and improve airport customer journey with the highly intuitive Perception Analysis Dashboard that instantly highlights all conversations revolving around your brand. Tatvam?s Classifier Drilldown Dashboard keeps an eye on the changes implemented and the passenger?s response towards it.

How Tatvam has helped Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport?

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport sees over 107 million passengers annually and is considered one of the busiest airports around the world. However, despite seeing large volumes of footfall, the airport experienced issues with providing premium passenger experience due to the following issues:

  • Lack of a digital medium to collect feedback
  • Inability to collect and interpret data
  • Making decisions based on partial information

To overcome these challenges, the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport sought help from Tatvam. Through Tatvam, the staff could access:

  • General feedback published over multiple channels, all on a single platform
  • Targeted keywords in feedback or comments using a customized dashboard
  • Daily reports containing insights
  • Notifications and alerts on the mention of sensitive topics over social media
  • Highlights that would form the basis of significant changes that need to be adopted

With this information made available by Tatvam, the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport was able to easily implement a customer-centric environment, which boosted their brand and improved the overall airport passenger experience!

Benefits of Improving Passenger Experience at Airports with Tatvam?

As you can see, Tatvam offers a holistic outlook on how customers and passengers view you as a business. Tatvam gives businesses mind-reading capabilities that will increase overall popularity and brand value.

If you?re still on the fence about Tatvam?s role, here are a few benefits that you will enjoy:

1. Increased RoI?

With Tatvam, your passengers will be in the driving seat and will enjoy the customer-centric experience. As you transition into a customer-friendly business model you will notice an increase in the non-aeronautical revenue, which provides rewarding RoI.

2. Increased Non-Aeronautical Revenue?

The Airport business primarily relied on retail for the generation of non-aeronautical revenue. However, it has recently come to light that the opportunities in retail have shrunk. As a result businesses are looking at other forms of non-aeronautical revenue as a potential market. At present, rental income and vehicle parking forms the backbone of non-aeronautical revenue and accounts for nearly 58% of the same.

3. Enhanced Online Reputation

As the airport staff manages to keep a vigilant eye on the various platforms where feedback and reviews are being posted, they will be better equipped at responding to such feedback. Tatvam allows for constant monitoring which translates into an enhancement in online reputation, forming the basis of your brand.

4. Greater Passenger Experience

For businesses, customer satisfaction has emerged as the primary marker of its success. Following a data-driven approach will reap results in the form of higher levels of passenger satisfaction.

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Read our case study to know How our client Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was able to improve its passenger experience with Tatvam.

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