Increase Attraction Revenue by Improving Guest Sentiment

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The travel industry is currently at its peak. As a result, the visitors at attractions like theme parks, museums, zoos, etc. have increased across the world. Offering a valuable experience to these users is the best way to improve attraction revenue. The way to enhance guest experience lies in addressing guest sentiment the voice of the customer.

What is Guest Sentiment?

Guest sentiment can be broken down into two factors.

A feeling which defines the experience of the user is the first factor. The feeling can be  I’m happy or This isn’t good.

The other factor is the reaction or thought that follows. For instance, I would not recommend this attraction or How can this go wrong?

Since the attractions industry revolves around guest sentiment, it becomes the most critical route to improve revenue. Research says that you can increase your revenue by 4-8% with better guest experience.

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Improved Guest Sentiment = Improved Revenue

One of the best-known methods to improve guest sentiment at attractions is to address the voice of the customer. When the voice of the customer is heard and reacted to there is a tendency for revenue to go up.

Let’s see how the Voice of Customer Solutions can help in increasing revenue.

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1) Address Unsatisfied Guests

When you receive feedback from the customer, read it and understand it, you become more aware to open-ended discussions about your attraction and can more easily extract guest sentiment.

Voice of the customer solutions collect, analyze and create valuable data. You can focus on using that data to proactively address issues and reach out to satisfied guests!

2) Improve Services

Sentiment informs you of what services need to be improved. Utilize guest insights to assess your existing services as well as your communication strategy. It’s always effective to let customer expectations guide the services you have in place.

For instance, if a customer leaves a review that the experience was great, but they were unable to fully explore the attraction, you can encourage your staff to walk guests around instead of directing them.

3) Increase Staff Performance

Using the past insights of guest sentiment and how users are responding, attractions can improve the performance of their staff. When the staff knows what is going wrong and what is going right, they tend to shift towards the better side.

How to Capture Voice of Customer?

You can capture the guest sentiment and voice of the customer through the following ways:

  • Surveys
  • Guest interviews
  • Social tracking
  • Focused groups
  • Statistics (Net promoter score)

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Voice of the customer solutions like Tatvam can help attractions to easily capture and understand guest sentiment. This allows the team to improve guest experience, and in turn, guests are willing to stay longer and spend more. In order to see higher revenue, attractions must keep guest satisfaction at the top of their list!

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