Online Review Management

Manage Your Reviews, Manage Your Business Graph!

Online Review Management is merely taking care of your business by being concerned about opinions on your brand/product.

Consumer reviews can make or break your business. At Tatvam, we acknowledge this fact and thus strive to bring you an online review management platform that focuses on customer experience.
With Tatvam, you can now:?

  • Integrate your online mentions and survey responses
  • Drill-down into comments mentioning specific topics
  • Track and measure your success through in-depth graphs and visualizations
  • Calculate the overall perception of everything about your organization

Tatvam Analytics to measure customer reviews

Analyzing customer reviews can help keep you informed of the expectations of your customers. There are two main problems in analyzing customer reviews –

  • They can change over time
  • They can be a mix of favourable as well as unfavourable reviews

Tatvam analytics gives you real, actionable measurements from your customers? experience with time. This helps measure how you have improved or slipped over time by taking into consideration critical customer feedback and overall visitor engagement.

Pre-tagged customer reviews, ready for action

With tons of customer reviews or comments being continuously generated, especially online, in this internet-driven world, it is important to understand the categories of reviews/comments.

With smart tools for customer review management and effective online review analysis;

  • Tatvam sorts and tags reviews and comments as per topic and sentiment before presenting to you.
  • Now you do not have to spend valuable hours every week managing your feedback manually.
  • It is now easier than ever to take hold of customer reviews and preferences and use them to your company?s advantage.

Graphical presentation of reviews to draw insights from one glance

  • A picture is worth a thousand words and graphically represented data is worth thousands of minutes saved.
  • Tatvam as an online review management tool?now compiles all of the data in systematically represented graphs and charts that show an overall inclination of customers? reviews toward the positive or negative side.

Easy filtering means ease of taking the correct action

The most important thing about data is to sort/filter it into categories that make sense.

  • Tatvam?s intelligent analytics system filters reviews as per categories, such as positive and negative reviews.
  • Negative reviews/expressions on social media can cost financial as well as reputation damage to companies.
  • In most of the cases, special attention and timely- action on such filtered posts can be a lifesaver for the company?s reputation on social media and in the real world.

Stay alert about your competition?s place

  • Your competitor?s affect your business almost as much as you do. It is thus important to keep track of where the reviews on your competition?s brand/product are pointed.
  • Tatvam?s online review management platform keeps you informed about your close competition reviews and overall customer sentiment.
  • By bringing you a topic-wise comparison on topics such as price or service, Tatvam helps you understand what customers like about your company and what they like about your competition.
  • This allows perfect clarity to take actions and make decisions that can lead to measurable results.

Online review management has become so essential, and it has just become another term for business track management. Are you missing out on improving your business by managing your customer reviews? Don?t delay, contact Tatvam now for making the most from your customer sentiment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online reviews are very important. Having positive reviews from satisfied customers can give confidence to potential customers wanting to try your product or service. Moreover, most of the feedback and complaints come in the form of online reviews. Hence, if you can get a hold of that, can surely make a business framework that is focused on the customers.

Consumer reviews are very important and can make or break a business. Hence, it is very important to be concerned about the opinion that your customers have about the product you offer. The reviews come in the form of comments, feedback and surveys.