Voice of The Customer Software that is Simple to Use

Tatvam uses AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis to take mountains of community commentary data and turn it into actionable insights to help you improve customer experience.

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Features of Platform

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Data Source Agnostic

Tatvam integrates with comment data from all kinds of sources like social media, review sites, survey responses, support requests and more!

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Our devotion to perfecting the technology that powers our platform has resulted in extremely accurate sentiment analysis and topic tagging, so you can count on the data your making your decisions from.

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Easy to Use

We have taken great care to design our platform in a way that anyone can use with ease. No coding knowledge needed!

A Voice of the Customer Solution for Measuring Customer Experience, Reducing Customer Churn, and Increasing Revenue

Tatvam provides unparalleled access and insight into how customers feel about their experience. By leveraging technologies like AI, ML, NLP and Sentiment Analysis, Tatvam helps our customers save countless hours by helping them focus on identifying actions they can use to constantly improve their customer experience.

Common Ways Clients Use Our Platform

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Look Up Comments by Topic

Through our advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Tatvam tags every mention of every unique attribute that makes up your customer experience. These become instantly accessible whenever you need them through user-friendly dashboards and reports. This gives our customers instant insight into what customers are saying about anything specific they need to look up.

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Rapid Response to Customer Concerns

Tatvam collects customer comments across any source of feedback in real-time. We pair that ability with real-time alerts on things like negative reviews or mentions of custom keywords or topics that you do not want to miss.

This ensures your team has 24/7 monitoring across all your customer engagement channels and never miss out on anything important.

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Calculate Customer Sentiment on Any Topic

Tatvam has unparalleled accuracy when it comes to sentiment analysis. We provide detailed sentiment ratings on every mention of every unique aspect of every comment. This helps our customers see detailed sentiment metrics around any specific attribute of their customer experience at any time.

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Benchmark Against Competition

Tatvam lets you keep an eye on your competition in ways you never thought possible. Through our deep technological expertise, we monitor public feedback data of your closest competition for you to compare performance and sentiment against.

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Measure Results over Time

Tatvam is always collecting and storing your customer comment data. As you make changes in your business, Tatvam becomes a critical source for you to measure how customers are reacting to your changes in real-time.

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Communicate Insights to Stakeholders

Tatvam works as a bridge between your customers and all the staff in your organizations. With unlimited user access for your entire organizations, anyone canbe setup to receive automated reports and insights directly pertaining to their area of the business.

Support and Service

We work hard to make sure you get the support you need when you need it.

We have dedicated customer support channels in place, as well as a constantly growing library of support documents and FAQs that can help you address any questions you have ant any time you have it.

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What Our Clients Say