Customer Feedback Analysis Now at Your Fingertips

Tatvam uses AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis to take mountains of customer feedback data and turn it into actionable insights to help you improve customer experience.

Why Choose Us?

Tatvam lets you collect all of your online reviews, user comments, and social mentions in one place. You get to analyze customer feedback to identify the worst-performing sectors and the best-rewarding areas in your business.

Take advantage of your customer data to lay an efficient strategy towards improving your products and services. Look through graphical visualizations to gauge customer sentiment regarding every vertical of your organization.



Per location

  • Online Review / Social Mention Management
  • Mobile APP Access
  • Basic Reports and Dashboards
  • Email Subscription


Per location

All Features of Basic, plus:

  • Rule Based Alerts
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Industry Common Classifier Tagging
  • More Reports and Dashboards
  • Tracking of One Local Competitor
  • Survey Comment Integration
  • Up to 10000 Comments Processed / Year


All Features of Basic and Essentials, plus:

  • Custom Classifier Tagging
  • Tracking of Three Local Competitors
  • Annual Insights Report
  • Tenant Property Tracking
  • Unlimited Comments Processed

What Our Clients Say

How can Tatvam Help Scale Your Business?

Tatvam presents you with a clear picture of your customers’ sentiment. By helping you identify the key strengths and areas of improvement, you can take clear and actionable steps to improve customer experience.