Reopening Guide for Tracking The Trends of Customer Sentiment

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Several states have been lifting the stay-at-home orders and reopening for non-essential businesses in the past few weeks. In some states, things have developed further, and customers can visit tourist attractions, take local flights, or even eat in restaurants.

But, despite the lifting of restrictions, customers are still not sure how the new normal, post-COVID-19, will look. Theoretical concepts are explaining how everything should work, but no one knows for sure how to deal with the changes.

As America moves to the new normal, the key focus is now on minimizing the risk of COVID-19 in workplaces, attraction sites, and industries. Health safety is a top priority and so is the tracking of trendson customer sentiment and behavior after reopening.

Monitor Online Mentions of Your Brand

Negative, positive, and neutral mentions play an essential role in the growth of your business this season.

  • Positive reviews show your brand is moving in the right direction, and after reopening, you stand a better chance of staying afloat.
  • Neutral comments show a need for a slight change in guest services. You may need minor changes in service delivery so you can move the undecided customers to the positive side.
  • Negative reviews show signs of unsatisfied customers. There may be something wrong with your guest services, or a customer may call you out on things that need to change in your operations.

Whatever the case, make sure you reply to these comments immediately.

For every review you receive, it is important to use reliable monitoring tools to track the changing trends of customer sentiment. Remember that with every positive mention you get, you stand a better chance of increasing your attraction revenue.

Monitor the Impact of the Pandemic on Your Brand

What relevance will your business have after reopening Customers have diverse needs in guest experience. What customers find interesting now may not be entertaining the next minute, which can affect your revenue goals. To find a balance, you need a tool that monitors customer behavior throughout the pandemic.

Using a tool with additional capabilities means you can sift through specific terms, such as COVID-19, to monitor the impact of the pandemic on your brand. This is a more strategic approach that helps determine how the customer views your brand, both pre and post COVID-19.

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Emphasize on Cleaning and Sanitization

The first assurance customers need, before visiting your business, is an emphasis on cleaning and sanitization. Because of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, customers feel safe in an environment with hand-washing booths and sanitizing equipment.

There is also the need for temperature monitoring devices and protective equipment like gloves and masks. Carrying out surveys offers suggestions on areas that can operate without direct contacts. Having automatic check-in and check-out points is a clear sign of your concern for the safety of your guests.

Consider Employee Engagement

They may not say it, but your employees hold varying opinions on how to handle COVID-19 in your establishment. It may scare some to interact with guests, while others may not care about the exchange.

Whatever their feeling, learning to handle the situation and set expectations on guest services is crucial for satisfying guests during this time. If the insecurities seem to get out of hand, it is necessary to offer on-demand video counseling sessions. Employees are the mirror of your business, and their mental and physical well-being is crucial in attaining your goals.

Another consideration would be to offer online training and familiarize employees with new health practices. Further training can instill better health habits and illustrate a definite return to work formula.

Handle Negative Reviews

A negative review left unattended can spell trouble for even the most established businesses. A negative review shows areas where your services were unsatisfactory and need improvement. For every negative review, reply, and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Please take a negative review as an opportunity to build a strong brand presence. If possible, use a reward program as a thank you for your most loyal customers. Loyal customers can provide great testimonials. They are the voice behind your exceptional services and will uphold your brand image throughout the COVID-19 period.

Create a Crisis Management Strategy

As America continues to reopen, we expect to see a change in behavior and customer sentiment. Most people are uncertain about their next move, and it may take time to rebuild customer confidence.

Because of issues of safety and security, you may find yourself fighting online battles that can harm your reputation. You do not anticipate most of these online wars, so you need a crisis management plan to help protect your brand. By investing in a customer feedback tool, you can identify negative comments in real-time and handle the issues ASAP.


Building trust with your customers is important during the COVID-19 period. The reopening guide is beneficial for tracking the trends of customer sentiments and building lifelong trust. It also helps identify loopholes in service delivery and offer practical solutions. Minimizing the risks of COVID-19 is a prime concern for businesses right now. Make sure you do your best to ensure customers are safe in your establishment.