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Did you know that?88%?of customers have been influenced by an online review when making a buying decision???Or how about that highly-engaged customers spend on average 60%?more per transaction?

Tatvam helps you increase productivity, improve the customer experience and increase revenue by using advanced technology to help you manage and analyze your customer conversations.

Features Of Tatvam

Identify Trends

Identify the most commonly mentioned words and phrases in your customer reviews and social comments. See the real numbers as to how often certain topics are getting talked about.

Drill into Specific Topics

Drill down into the specific topics, to read the reviews that mention the topics you want to understand better.

Measureable Reports

Drill down into the specific topics, to read the reviews that mention the topics you want to understand better.

Perception Analysis

See detailed perception scores surrounding each topic. The scoring takes into account positive and negative words that are used in context with key topics in the reviews.

Industry Benchmarking

See how your organization is lining up with other like organizations through competitor analysis and other key industry benchmark rankings.

Terms and Conditions:

*In order to receive the $10 Starbucks gift card, you must meet the following criteria: 1) Your company must have received at least 100 online reviews in the past year OR have received at least 300 customer survey responses in the last year; 2) You must provide proof that your job role involves customer feedback management, customer experience management or reporting on the customer experience of your company; and 3) You must attend a 20-minute-long product demo with a Tatvam sales rep by September 31, 2019. If you meet all of the criteria, we?ll send you a $10 Starbucks gift card via email within two months of attending the demo. Gift card subject to terms and conditions as state thereon. Offer is non-transferable, and no cash or substitution of any kind is permitted.