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Customer sentiment analysis is all about collecting information about how customers of a particular brand or company feel and what types of services they are actually looking for. This helps evaluate the language, voice inflections, and conversations to calculate emotions related to the brand, business, or product. These days, almost all companies are using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to target customers across the globe to increase their visibility.

One of the major purposes of business sentiment is to use the right kinds of review channels to expand a business or to promote new and innovative products or services in a short time. Another purpose is to ensure great customer experience while improving overall performance. So, let’s check out how review channels like Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, Yelp, and Twitter can help grow a business.

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Yelp Reviews For Sentiment Analysis

Yelp is widely used for customer feedback analysis. Yelp discourages business users from requesting reviews, and if reviews are allowed, this would mean they are genuine and come from reliable and authentic sources. These reviews can be used to analyse the performance of a company locally and internationally.

One thing that we need to keep in mind is that Yelp does not allow a large amount of reviews, which means every business can post only a small amount. The algorithm used determines the overall performance of a brand. For example, if you are able to publish 100 reviews, then you can easily boost revenue and may be able to get up to 100 new clients.

Google Reviews For Online Reputation Management

Google Reviews are generally used for customer experience management, and you can ask someone to write you a review depending on the service you have provided. This review would be visible based on the search engine’s score. Statistics reveal that there is no limit on how many Google reviews can be posted, but the quality has to be great.

Facebook and Twitter Reviews For Reputation Management

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most powerful and famous social networking websites. You can use them to publish and share as many reviews as you like. For better sentiment analysis, you must use both websites regularly. Unlike Google and Yelp, hundreds to thousands of fake reviews are published on Twitter and Facebook, which make it difficult for people to decide whether a brand or product is actually worth their money.

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TripAdvisor Reviews For Online Review Management

TripAdvisor is primarily used to post reviews related to restaurants, hotels, tourist destinations, and other similar businesses. These days, online consumer reviews are largely accepted and appreciated. Therefore, it is important for a service provider to enhance the customer experience so that they can receive a positive review on TripAdvisor. A recent study has shown that more than 60 percent of consumers turn to TripAdvisor to see reviews of a particular restaurant, hotel, or tourist site.

Tatvam Marketing Private Limited (TMPL) Company can help you with sentiment analysis for the above-mentioned review channels or sites. The company encourages its employees to work hard, and this is what guarantees success in the long-run; it has been founded by a team of qualified and experienced individuals. Tatvam takes care of both local and national principles while connecting businesses to businesses, clients to clients, and clients to businesses.