Visitor Experience Strategy – 5 Tips for Success

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In order to receive more positive reviews from guests, it’s necessary to first understand what your guests want. While there are many ways to improve how your guests feel about you, there are core concepts that must be implemented before anything else. Here are 5 guaranteed ways to improve guest experience.

1) Personalize the Experience

Where possible, strive to provide personalized guest experiences.

  • Host events where you can focus on individuals or small groups in order to make a lasting impression.
  • Provide special deals to loyal guests that reward their continued patronage.
  • Always respond to feedback as soon as possible in order to make guests feel as though their voices are being heard, and that their feedback matters.

Personalized experiences are more likely to create loyal fans. These are guests that continue to come back to your business over and over again and will tell many of their friends and family about why they love your company.

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2) Make Your Space Inviting

When it comes to welcoming guests into your business, have trained personnel at the entrance of your space,greeting and offering directions to any who might need them. Place clear signage in optimized areas to ensure guests can find the specific areas they’re interested in. No one should find it difficult to navigate your space.

3) Offer Unique Experiences

Make sure you have experiences that guests would only find at your business. By creating these types of experiences, guests have:

  • more reasons to seek you out specifically
  • memorable stories to tell their friends and family
  • more reasons to return

Don’t shy away from trying new things that could set your company apart from others and improve guest experience with voice of customer tool.

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4) Feedback is Your Friend

Feedback is the lifeline of any business.Whether positive or negative, every time your guests talk to you they provide an opportunity to improve your product or service. Ensure that your feedback process is simple and user-friendly.

All feedback should reach the appropriate department, and remedial action should be taken immediately. The faster you respond to your guests, the better!

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5) Simplify the Way You Gather and Analyze Feedback

Processing the feedback you receive from various sources like surveys, support emails, social media mentions and/or online reviews is a time-consuming process.

By using a voice of the customer solutions like Tatvam, all the feedback you receive can be viewed in a single platform. The data will be collected, organized and analyzed to help you understand the customer voice quickly and develop an action plan around the areas of your business that matter most which will eventually help improve guest experience.

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