Stuck at Home? Now is the Time to Plan!

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Sooner or later the COVID-19 crisis will end, and we will be entering a new normal. When this happens, and your guests come back; they are going to be expecting a stellar guest experience.

While you’re waiting, we’ve come up with a few things you can do now to identify actions and be ready to act once you get back to work!

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Three things you can do in Tatvam today:

1. Look at 2019

This is the perfect time for some introspection and analysis of the customer voice of the past year. Tatvam is a great resource to help you understand the highs and lows of the past year for your company, especially during your busiest times of the year.

My favorite place to start is to set the date filter to show data for all of 2019 and then open the Classifier Rating Analysis report.

classifier rating analysis table

This will show you a table of all the keywords that were mentioned over the past year, how often they were mentioned and what their average scores were.

You can sort this list by most mentioned, or most positive or negative and quickly identify the biggest strengths and weaknesses of the guest experience during the year.

2. Pinpoint Sensible Criticisms

Another great thing you can do with Tatvam is identify your constructive criticisms from your best customers.

Start reading positive reviews and start looking out for any red keywords that show up in them. This will help you identify people who gave you a positive review, but still mentioned something negative they wanted you to hear in the comment.

Because they didn’t give you an overall negative review, this means that they generally liked the experience and are a good customer of yours but are just trying to bring something to your attention.

These are the things that you should really focus on!

3. Make an Action Plan

Once you have identified some general trends and sensible criticisms, start coming up with ideas you can implement to address these points.

You will look like the star of the show if you come back into the office after the quarantine with a list of achievable action items you can take to measurably improve guest experience.

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In Conclusion

Use this time to plan.

Once your guests start returning to your property, they’re going to expect you to deliver an amazing guest experience. If you start using this time to identify pain points that existed before the coronavirus pandemic happened, you’ll have the right solutions once you are ready to open back up.

This will help you look better in your company, and be highly appreciated by guests that are coming to visit you after this has all blown over.