Tatvam Lite

Introducing Tatvam Lite

A lightweight product meant to help you monitor and respond to all your customer comments across social media and online review sites in a single feed.

With features like AI-driven monitoring, keyword alerts and more, you can be certain you never miss an important customer comment, regardless of where they are.

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Key Features of Tatvam Lite

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One Single Feed

Bring all your customer feedback comments, reviews, social media mentions and even survey responses together into a single real-time feed dashboard that makes it simple and efficient for your team to monitor all your community conversations in one place!

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Targeted Alerts

AI Monitoring ensures 24/7 active listening of all your community channels. You can also set up alerts to be sent to specific people based on things like star ratings, or even specific keywords being mentioned.

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Rapid Response

Set up Template responses, and respond directly to customer comments on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google and more directly from the Tatvam APP on desktop or mobile. Ensure your staff is always responding as quickly and as correctly as possible!

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