Tips for Improving Airport Passenger Experience

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Flight has proven to be one of the most advanced technological breakthroughs of all time. As a result, global tourism has become normal, overseas business is more relevant than ever, and overall travel has drastically increased. However, flying can be both tiring and time-consuming.

Certain measures can be taken by airports to make that process better for passengers. Here are five tips that you can implement to elevate your airport passenger experience

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5 Tips to improve Passenger Experience

1) Improvement of Available Choices

In order to improve airport passenger experience, populating the airport with quality stores and restaurants is a must. Established brands and recognized restaurant chains must be prioritized, while thorough quality checks must be conducted to ensure customer satisfaction and improve airport customer journey. People should not have to put in too much effort to find entertainment while they wait for their next flight.

2) Know What Your Customers Think

Putting together countless strategies for improving airport passenger experience means nothing without also viewing feedback and reviews. Understanding what your customers think is an essential part of putting together winning strategies to improve passenger experience.

3) Passengers Should be in the Loop

Passengers shouldn’t have to struggle to find news regarding the airport. Make sure to make it easy to see regular weather updates, flight statuses concerning arrivals and departures, potential delays, and information about what to expect during a flight to improve the airport customer journey.

4) Use Tools for Collecting and Analyzing Feedback

Surveying and inspecting customer feedback is the best way to understand which components of your business can be considered successful and which ones are failures. However, taking the time to collect and analyze all the feedback that comes through on a daily basis can be impossible for a company of considerable size. Voice of the customer solutions like Tatvam can bring together all feedback from social media, online reviews, surveys and more, and very quickly show the overall customer sentiment for your business.

5) Offer Basic Amenities

Not offering basic, yet essential amenities is regarded as a deal breaker for most customers. Essential factors like hygiene in the hallways and waiting rooms or well-cleaned and sanitized bathrooms must be a priority in order to ensure positive feedback.

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