Use Feedback to Improve Guest Experience at Attractions

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Word-of-mouth publicity can work wonders for any company, especially within the attractions industry. Where positive feedback can result in excellent footfall for an attraction, a negative one might result in many people refraining from trying or testing a new experience.

Be it local or global travel – technology has brought us closer in terms of sharing our experiences with each other. Every single guest experience that is shared about a business can improve or hinder growth. Prioritizing how to receive and process these shared guest experiences is a must for any attraction looking to increase their number of annual visitors.

What is Guest Experience?

It might seem like a silly question, but it is the first question that needs to be asked in order to start building a proper guest experience strategy.

Guest experience can be defined as the interaction that a business has with its end-user and the impression that it creates in the user’s mind. It seems so simple when referring to one end-user, but when looking at a popular attraction that hosts thousands of people annually, the ability to process and learn from so much information becomes overwhelming.

Through the use of modern technology, businesses can clearly comprehend customer sentiment through online feedback, reviews, social media, and other rating systems and improve guest experience.

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How to Receive More Positive Guest Feedback

A proven method for receiving more positive feedback is to improve guest experience by following this 3 step process – Collect, Analyze, and React.


Collecting guest feedback is simple, but can take a very long time when using outdated methods. The idea here it to collect as much feedback as possible. More feedback collected means better opportunity for quality insight.

Don’t forget to respond to guests while collecting feedback! Responding by thanking the customer for their feedback is a way of developing a relationship with them for future interactions.


Arguably the most important step in the process, analyzing feedback gives a clear picture of guest sentiment. This allows businesses to see positive, neutral and negative trends, and move towards the final step reacting.

Using outdated methods, this process can take a very long time, and leave teams with very little energy to capitalize on the quality information they’ve gathered. Voice of the customer solutions like Tatvam are meant to help by collecting and analyzing all feedback from every source and using it to provide dynamic information in one easy-to-use platform.


Once feedback has been collected and analyzed, businesses are able to react to the data. Looking at the highs and lows of guest feedback, businesses can create a road map towards creating a better experience for their guests.

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Closing Thoughts

Collect. Analyze. React.

For every business, these 3 steps help to create the right strategies for improving guest experience. By listening to the voice of customer, it is possible to understand what will make for a better overall experience!

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