Use Voice of the Customer to Identify Negative Sentiment and Improve Passenger Experience

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Airport Passenger Experience

Flight has emerged as one of the most advanced technological breakthroughs in history. Global tourism has risen immensely, and companies consider it advantageous to conduct business overseas. However, the modern way of doing things can sometimes be overwhelming and cause inconvenience to passengers.

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Aspects of Discomfort

Certain pain points exist where the passengers have to go through discomfort and inconvenience before finally boarding their flight.

The airport passenger journey that commences from the booking of their flight to boarding it and reclaiming their luggage is hectic and arduous, caused by several factors discussed below.

1) Prolonged waiting times – Waiting times are one of the most frustrating challenges passengers encounter when travelling. From getting through airport security to standing beside the conveyor belt waiting for your luggage, queues can be a lethargic and time-consuming part of the airport experience.

The meticulous procedures that need to be followed often cause severe delays that have often resulted in flight delays and cancellations.

2) Security Check – Most frustrations and complaints happen in security checks in relation to the lack of consistency in screening procedures.

3) Lack of Restaurants and Shops – In order to keep passengers satisfied, populating the airport with decent stores and restaurants should be a priority. Airports that neglect to include popular brands or restaurant chains are often hurt in reviews and/or revenue.

Airports should cater to the non-aeronautical revenue figures and include more attractions like restaurants, petrol pumps for cars, car parking, rentals and many more that will aid passengers as well as the airports.

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The overall airport passenger experience is vitally dependent on how airports tackle such deterrents and provide passengers with the best overall experience. Gathering customer feedback is a crucial step towards enhancing the airport passenger experience.

Tatvam – Voice of the Customer Solutions

Tatvam is a voice of the customer solution is used to gather and analyze all passenger feedback.

  • Understanding Passengers Better –Tatvam thoroughly analyzes feedback and precisely deduces what passengers enjoyed and what they disliked.
  • Improving Services –Tatvam shows the overall sentiment and trends from feedback and allows you to quickly identify what services need to be improved.
  • Engaging Passengers – By quickly seeing and responding to feedback, passengers feel more actively engaged in the betterment of the facility.
  • Get Testimonials, Referrals, and Benchmarks –Tatvam can help you easily find the best passenger reviews which can then be used for seeking out testimonials and used as benchmarks for future services.


Airports see many passengers every day which can lead to errors and inconveniences. Receiving passenger feedback is necessary in order to find the most talked about pain points.

Tatvam significantly takes the edge off the workload in collecting and analyzing feedback. It is highly effective, with tons of satisfied users worldwide. Implementation of Tatvam will lead to a better passenger experience and earn a better reputation for any airport worldwide.

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