What is online review management?

What is online review management and how can you be great at it?

Imagine a customer deciding to search for your business online. One of the first things that he or she is likely to read is?online reviews.

These are the comments that others post online about their experiences with a product or service. It could be on your site, if you have made provisions for this, or on other social media and review sites.

These reviews are so important that a recent study indicated that 8 out of 10 consumers said they would trust them as much as they do personal recommendations.?

Customer review management, therefore, is one of the chief tasks to undertake?in order for?your business to gain a solid, positive image.

Some tips on how to manage online reviews

Online review management?is a continuous process. It cultivates and maintains your brand on the?internet.?It does this by generating and responding to online reviews to show your business in the best possible light.

Here are some ways to make?online business reviews?work for you.

Review management software

You can use an efficient software to get reviews from customers and distribute them to popular review sites that consumers rely on.

Using review snippets

A review snippet is a short extract, or a combined rating, from a review website. These can be added to the search results metadata, or even be a part of the online paid ads. They’re a quick and reliable way of communicating positive views in a nutshell.

Asking consumers for reviews

On your site, you should encourage consumers to leave comments and feedback. Most will be glad to do so and will feel valued at being asked to give their opinion. Such customer comments are an important way of creating positive word of mouth for others who visit your site.

Responding to feedback

You should make it a point to?monitor reviews?regularly and respond to feedback. This creates the image of a company that puts consumers first. Positive feedback can be met with a?thank you, and negative feedback with an assurance that the issue will be addressed.

Promoting positive reviews

Positive reviews should be promoted on other sites and even on online ads. And social media is a good environment for doing this. Online banners and e-newsletters are also excellent vehicles for such reviews. All of this ensures a wider spread of positive online word of mouth.

Online review management, the Tatvam way

Tatvam’s online review management platform puts your customers at the heart of everything it does.

With its sophisticated tools, you can?monitor reviews?in various ways:?

  • You can integrate online mentions and survey responses. ?
  • You can drill down into comments mentioning specific topics.?
  • You can track and measure success through in-depth graphs and?visualizations.?
  • You can calculate the overall perception of your business.

Tatvam’s filtering and alerts ensure that over time you get real, actionable insights about customer experience, enabling you to boost your brand on the internet in an optimal manner, and win over your loyal customers.?

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