Why Customer Feedback Can Change the Way People See Your Business

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Who doesn’t want to satisfy the needs of their customers and make them loyal to their business? In today’s omni-channel, digital landscape you will need to come out of your comfort zone and engage with your customers on many different channels while leveraging technology to truly stay ahead and ensure you are constantly evolving to keep your customers experiences positive and fresh.

One of the best ways to engage your customers and make sure you are continuously meeting their needs is through collecting customer feedback and engaging in customer experience management.

Customer feedback is the information your clients provide about their experience with your products or services as well as their general experience with your company, and can come on many channels like social media, review websites, email and in-person surveys and more

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Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Customer satisfaction feedback allows you to gather both emotional and functional metrics of your product or service. This type of feedback is important for your brand since it can help you understand the areas you need to improve on in your customer experience journey.

By listening to your customers feedback, and performing customer experience analysis you can make informed decisions on what to update or remove from your customer experience. You can collect customer satisfaction feedback through a myriad of sources, like Email Surveys, Twitter Feeds, Web Forms, Facebook Recommendations, online forums, Google reviews and more.. Having collected all the information you need, you can then analyze and perform your analysis through customer feedback analysis tools like Tatvam.

Sales Feedback

Sales feedback can help you conduct your customer experience analysis. This feedback allows you to determine whether or not your sales strategies are working perfectly. It also enables you to get insights to help your sales associates affiliated to your business with their technique. Some of the ways you can collect sales feedback is through post-purchase notifications and experience follow-ups.

Brand Loyalty Feedback

Analyzing brand loyalty feedback can help you better understand what areas of your business drive the most loyalty to your brand. You can collect brand loyalty feedback through surveys, online and social media activity. As you analyze the feedback, you can understand the most positively mentioned topics by using tools like Tatvam to identify topical sentiment, and then cater your strategies accordingly to market and campaign around these topics to drive further brand loyalty.

Importance of Word of Mouth

Word of mouth (WOM) is an informal way of promoting or advertising your products, typically shared by customers and occasioned by customer experiences. WOM helps increase customer trust: your customers are likely to depend on you for all their needs. When your customers share the great experience they had visiting your property or using your product or service, your business is likely to attract more customers anticipating a good customer experience, which will drive more revenue growth.

Did you know Customers Make Businesses Successful?

Yes! You read it right. Your customers are the key determinants of your business, success or failure as they play a significant role in mobilization. Positive feedback from your customer about their experience with your business is likely to attract and encourage other customers to visit you or try your product or service. On the other hand, negative feedback is likely to discourage prospective customers from engaging with you. Inherently, your customers tend to extrapolate product experiences from the previous experiences of their fellow customers prior to purchasing your product.

When your customers are happy and satisfied, they are likely to recommend your products to their friends, loved ones, colleagues or fellow customers. They would be more confident to invite other people to try your product to enjoy the exceptional experience they had. Consequently, this can improve your sales and revenue, thus making your business better.

Tatvam will help you listen to your customers better, improve your customer experience and positively impact your bottom line by helping you know the impact of your customer feedback and build better campaigns.

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