Why is online review management important?

What is online review management?

The arrival and popularity of the internet have changed how businesses operate. From targeting the right customers to maintaining a social media presence, businesses have had to realign their operations for an internet-driven world. As a result, there are certain aspects of business that have become absolutely necessary. For instance, managing reputation through online reviews.

What are online reviews?

Online reviews are testimonials of your business, except they exist online. An online review could be posted in a business directory, your official social media page, or even on a review aggregator website. And like real-life testimonials, online reviews can either take your business to the next level or bring them down a few notches. That’s why it is important to cultivate a strong online reputation for your business.

But How?

This is where online review management comes in. It’s a process that maintains your business’s reputation in the virtual world. It builds a positive digital image of your brand, which helps it shine in the eyes of potential customers. With online review management, you can monitor reviews, reply to them, garner feedback, and calculate their overall impact on your brand’s reputation.

How managing online reviews help your brand?

In the pre-Internet era, the impact and reach of a bad review were limited. But today, it’s difficult to contain the aftershocks of a negative review. In fact, avenues like social media magnify the effect of a negative review many times over. This can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your brand or business.

Online review management gives you a way out of such a situation, or to avoid it altogether. For instance, it can help you identify a disgruntled customer and prevent things from going from bad to worse. There are other significant benefits of going for online review management as well.

  • Improved search engine rankings: Online business reviews influence your search engine ranking. There exists a clear relationship between total number of reviews, their responses, outright negative reviews, and local search rankings.
  • Better click-through rates (CTR): Almost 90% of users look up a business’s online reviews before trying them out. Businesses with a star rating of 3 and higher also do better in terms of CTRs, which tells you the number of people who clicked on a link to your website.
  • Increases social proof: If the internet is a marketplace, your social proof is the currency. Social media increasingly dictates what consumers buy. By cultivating more social proof with online reviews, you can assuage potential customers that they are making the right choice.
  • Increase conversions: Collating and displaying your positive reviews boosts your conversion rate. Studies have shown that 80% of consumers trust online business reviews just as much as personal recommendations. With online review management, you can nudge a visitor into doing business with you by showcasing the best reviews on your website and social media.

Tatvam The perfect online customer review management tool

Tatvam is an online review management tool that lets you manage the impact of online reviews on your business. From discovering glowing reviews to redressing unfavourable ones, it puts you in charge of your brand’s narrative. The tool helps you monitor reviews and measure their impact through comprehensive analytics. It also lets you auto-categorize reviews, represent them graphically and keep a tab on your competitors’ reputation.

Customer review management is no longer just a holistic and intangible concept. It’s an actual science you can leverage to measure and enhance the reputation of your brand or business. It helps you identify your mistakes and boost the visibility of your strengths.

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